Fishing Licenses and Rules

Fishing Licenses

Everyone 16 years of age through 69 yrs. must have a current, visible fishing license. This includes residents & guests. A fishing license can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. for $22.50. Seniors, age 65 through 69, pay only $12.50. No license is required once you have reached 70 years of age; you need only a valid I.D. reflecting your age. As an additional note, if fishing elsewhere in a trout stocked lake, your license must be “trout” stamped. Any additional questions can be directed to the Department of Fish & Game at 609-259-2120. Fishing without a license may result in being fined and charged court costs.

Fishing Rules

  • Fishing is permitted off your personal property, boats, and community beach only.
  • No fishing off the dam! Fishing off the dam is not permitted for residents or guests. There is significant danger and substantial economic liability involved with this practice.
  • Anyone seen fishing off the dam will be reported to the Medford Police immediately. No warning will be given. This may seem a harsh policy, but it is truly in everyone’s best interest.