FEBRUARY 19, 2008

#2. Amendments

PROPOSED: WHEREAS to REPLACE ARTICLE XI, SECTION 1, with: “These By-Laws, or any of them, may be altered or repealed, or new By-Laws may be made, at any meeting of the Association duly held for such purpose, and previous to which written notice to Members of the exact language of the amendment or of the repeal shall have been sent, a quorum being present, by an affirmative vote of fifty one percent (51%) of the total authorized votes of the
Association and provided that said has been approved by CLDC whose approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.”

#3. Voting in Elections of the Board

NEW: WHEREAS to INCLUDE a new provision in ARTICLE IV, SECTION 5, to read:

“Only Members in good standing thirty (30) days prior to any meeting at which an election is to occur shall be entitled to vote in elections of the Board. The election of the Board may be conducted by written ballot or otherwise. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected and shall fill the vacancies currently on the Board. If ever applicable, candidates polling the highest number of votes will be considered elected for the open terms with the longest period of years.”

#4. Ballot by Mail

NEW: WHEREAS to INCLUDE a new provision in ARTICLE VII, SECTION 8, to read:

“The Board may submit to the membership a ballot by mail for any matter to be
voted upon by the membership. Only Members in good standing thirty (30) days prior to any meeting at which voting is to occur shall be entitled to vote. No ballot by mail shall be valid or tabulated unless the ballot has been signed by the Member. In order to conduct a ballot by mail, the Board shall send a notice to all Members which shall provide an official ballot for the purposes of the meeting and shall state the date by which the ballot must e received in order to be counted.”

#7. Waiver

NEW: WHEREAS to INCLUDE a new Section in ARTICLE X, being SECTION 6, to read:

“No restriction, condition, obligation, or covenant contained in these By-Laws shall Be deemed to have been abrogated or waived by reason of the failure to enforce same irrespective of the number of violations or breaches thereof, which may occur.”