Board Committees

Standing Committees


Mission: To maintain official records of the current membership of the Club, publish such membership information as permissible by individual homeowners to connect our residents with one another, and ensure that new CPC members are welcomed to the community.
Chair: Jorge Mondaca*
Members: Sharon McKenny, Elaine Monticollo


Public Relations

Mission: To promote general public good will and relations in particular within the Centennial Lake area and the surrounding communities, and to keep The Club members informed with respect to community activities in which the members should have an interest.
Chair: Erin Lovern
Members: Sarah Domis*, Vacant


Rules and Property

Mission: To execute the duties of and follow the procedure defined by the Code of Rules and Regulations, together with appropriate revisions and amendments thereto made from time to time as adapted by The Club.
Chair: Sheila Ghiglieri
Vice Chair: Jon Fisher
Members: Clark Perks*, Richard Weldon, Vacant



Mission: To promote and supervise the social activities on a community basis.
Chair: Sharon McKenney
Members: Pam Boyd, Natalia Krause, Erin Lovern, Elaine Monticollo, Marianne Post, and Pam Thomas


Special Committees

Beach Committee

Mission: To oversee general maintenance of the CPC beach area, manage the area for event reservations, and organize the common area boat storage and registration process.
Chair: Greg DeWitt*
Members: Shawn Omens, Vacant


Historical Committee

Mission: To find and preserve historical artifacts of The Club and share the Club’s history with residents and members.
Chair: Vacant
Members: Vacant, Vacant


Lake Committee

Mission: To maintain the water quality, marine life, and day-to-day operation of the lake and the dam for The Club on behalf of the owner, the Centennial Land Development Corporation.
Chair: Shawn Omans
Members: Greg DeWitt, Vacant


Landscaping Committee

Mission: To maintain the common areas and properties of the Centennial Pines Club as required.
Chair: Constantine Zografos
Members: John Ellor*, Dawn Fisher*


Legal Committee

Mission: To advise the Board of Directors on legal concerns facing The Club.


* indicates Board of Directors member