Official Website of
Centennial Pines Club

Official Website of
Centennial Pines Club

Official Website of
Centennial Pines Club

Official Website of
Centennial Pines Club

Welcome to Centennial Pines Club

Welcome to the official web site for Centennial Pines Club. Residents can find useful information about the Centennial Pines Club community, including: Annual Meeting Minutes, policies, forms, social events, links to neighborhood resources, and more.

Please browse the entire site and click on all the buttons.  We hope you will be glad to see the simplicity, usefulness and practicality of the NEW and Improved Centennial Pines Club site.




We had several replies to our recent email and mail box stuffer regarding the use of a management company in the future.

Here is a quick snap shot of how we are organized now.

We have 4 officers, 11 board positions and 3 main committees.

Traditionally someone serves on a committee for at least a year, prior to a board position.

The main committees and personnel recommended are:

Social ( 3)- is full

Rules and Property (5) – 3 openings in 2022

Beach Committee (3)- 1 opening

Several of the officers and many board members have served for over 6 years, usual terms are 2 years.

We meet monthly via zoom, hopefully live in the future, meetings last about 1 hour. It traditionally is the 3 rd Tuesday of every month. Board members and officers are required to attend at least 75% of meetings. This is needed to reach a quorum level, if voting is needed.

We have an annual meeting for all homeowners , in January.

We recommend interested parties attend several monthly meetings

Prior to committing. This ensures good “ fit” for skill levels needed.

If you want to attend November meeting, we can send an invite.

Thanks for interest and offer

Visit the Centennial Lake Facebook page to see what your neighbors are posting and CPC Social announcements
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BRUSH COLLECTION – Our Zone (4) is scheduled for brush collection May 27 – June 4. Please click on the township logo at the top right corner to go to the Medford home page for guidance on what can be placed at the street.

WELCOME to the NEW Centennial Lake web site

WELCOME to the NEW Centennial Lake web site,  The Navigation buttons along the top address the most commonly used pages, and are clearly defined to keep the site simple and easy to use.  With the exception of the Residents Directory, our site is “public” and does not require a sign-on.  For access to the […]

January 16, 2019 Board Meeting

Click here to download the Board Meeting document